Cut resistant clothing level +5

The Quality co.


Cut and slash resistant clothing that protects your life

MTP level 5+ anti-cut clothing is made with our own X-protection fabric, tested under the European standard EN388. Indispensable equipment for police and military, and a perfect security complement to be always well protected.

MTP slash resistant thermal underwear clothing designed by The quality co are manufactured with two high-performance technical fibers. The inner shirt (fabric) is made with Coolmax Fresh®, a technological fiber that transports sweat from the skin to the outside of the garment to cool the wearer, allowing a rapid evaporation of perspiration and keep the shirt dry. It makes easier to remove the garment once they have finished their physical activity or work day.

The second layer is the MTP X-protection fabric cut resistant level 5. it strategically located around the garment and depending of the complement, (neck, sleeve, hoody, shirt) it will protect a different number of vital areas. This anti-cut fabric, designed and manufactured by the company The quality co was tested and certified by the AITEX laboratories as cut resistant level 5 for sharp blades or similar weapons as knives.

Additionally, the anti-cut t-shirts passed other evaluation processes: determination of ph value, color fastness to perspiration, determination of forbidden azo colorants (cancerogenic arylamines)*, ergonomics*, sizing*, specific design and comfort requirements* and determination of the fabric dimensional changes after domestic washing and drying.

MTP anti-cut clothing not only protects against cuts with knives, but also satisfies all the requirements of comfort and design that a technical/sporting garment must have so that anyone can enjoy outdoor sports activities, or so long working hours under the most inhospitable climate.