Cut resistant MTP neck protector level 5 for police


Cut resistant MTP neck protector Level 5, made with Coolmax Fresh® to favor the evacuation of sweat. Additionally, MTP’s X-protection cutting resistant fabric is strategically located to protect against knife attacks in an area as vulnerable as the neck.

Developed mainly to protect the carotid, vital area of the body extremely vulnerable in case of an attack with a knife, which can be fatal.




MTP cut-resistant neckwear is design for police, military or security body members. It is a thermal neck created for professional use, protect the throat area from knife attacks or other types of cutting weapons.

The Quality Co. developed the slash resistant fabric X-protection for their anti-cut products (gloves, shirt, and sleeves), it covers all the are of the neck, strategically positioned to cover the carotid artery, trachea and other areas highly sensitive that in case of being hit by a knife can cause irreparable injuries.

The first layer, which separates slash resistant fabric from the skin, has a seamless 30cm long tubular design and is made of Coolmax Fresh®, a lightweight fabric that favors the absorption and expulsion of sweat so that both, the skin and neckwear, are always dry. For this reason, it is not only an ideal complement for winter, but it can also be used in summer.

The long tubular design of neck protector allows to use it in different ways, for example, by folding the upper part you can hide the anti-cut fabric and wear as a plainclothes, perfect garment for undercover policemen. In case of non-lethal gases or dust particles it can be stretched to cover and protect the mouth and the nose, it is also possible to configure it in the form of balaclava among many other forms of use.

Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 cm