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MTP tactical anti-trauma glove for summer


MTP anti-trauma combat glove for summer. High perspiration ideal for summer due to its high power to absorb and evacuate humidity. Comfortable, lightweight, ideal for frisking. Properties of protection against trauma, abrasion, tearing, puncture and cutting, thus achieving a perfect balance between comfort and protection.

It offers greater protection than other gloves for its operational use (according to UNE-EN388 regulations) it reaches a Level 2 Anti-abrasion, level 3 Against perforation (puncture) and Level 4 Anti-drag. Ideal for Airsoft.

Glove provided to the Spanish Marine Infantry for light tactical operations.




Additional information


European standard EN 420′ guide to choosing which size of gloves you should buy.

1- Measure the length of the hand as indicated in fig. 1
2- Measure the maximum distance between the tip of the little finger and the tip of the thumb fig. 2
3- Compare the results in the table
4.- Select the glove model you want in our MTP tactical gloves catalog.
5- Contact one of our suppliers to buy the glove you have chosen.


fig 1. (mm)fig 2. (mm)
152 - 177160 - 170XS
178 - 202171 - 181
203 - 228182 - 191M
229 - 253192 - 203L
254 - 278204 - 214XL
279 - >2015 ->XXL
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