MTP anti-trauma leather glove for police officer


MTP anti-trauma leather glove designed for total shock absorption. Articulated anti-trauma protection throughout the hand, which guarantees total mobility of the joints and full flexibility to perform precise movements.

Adaptable 100% to the hand that, together with the fastener of the wrist, guarantees the adjustment of the glove providing a perfect grip, allowing the free handling of the elements even in the most difficult conditions without affecting the durability of the glove.



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2XL, L, M, S, XL, XS

European standard EN 420′ guide to choosing which size of gloves you should buy.

1- Measure the length of the hand as indicated in fig. 1
2- Measure the maximum distance between the tip of the little finger and the tip of the thumb fig. 2
3- Compare the results in the table
4.- Select the glove model you want in our MTP tactical gloves catalog.
5- Contact one of our suppliers to buy the glove you have chosen.


fig 1. (mm)fig 2. (mm)
152 - 177160 - 170XS
178 - 202171 - 181
203 - 228182 - 191M
229 - 253192 - 203L
254 - 278204 - 214XL
279 - >2015 ->XXL