We use the best brands and innovate materials in our clothes and apparels.

3m3M: Reflective first order high visibility.

nomexSanity registered nylon fabric quality by Dupont

dryarnDryarn: Polypropylene hollow with great breathability and thermoregulatory capabilities with unparalleled lightness

hiporaHipora: menbrana insulator that prevents water ENTRANCE

kevlarKevlar: Material of Dupont that is considered a versatile aramid fiber

         X Protection         Xprotection: Fabric cut last generation anti exceeding level 5

neopreneNeoprene: fabric transpiration properties and water repellent

nomexNomex: Dupont fabric with fire resistance properties

schoellerSchoeller: Material with high abrasion resistance

coolmaxCoolmax: senior high performance fabric for breathability

ykkYKK: International brand zippers prestige around the world

2-way-elastic2Ways: elastic material both directions

nylon4Ways: 4-way elastic material

teflonTeflon: Material with great performance pàra repel water

thermoliteThermolite: high performance fabric for moisture evacuation with high transpiration capacity

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